Week 1: Critical Reflective Journal


Phillips, P (2004) Creating the perfect design brief: how to manage design for strategic advantage (New York: Allworth Press)

  • Chapter 1: What is a design brief anyway? (Pages 1 – 15)
  • Chapter 3: Essential elements of the design brief. (Pages 28 – 48)
  • Chapter 11: An example of a design brief. (Pages 133 – 141)



Notes and images

Weird and wonderful

This week I went to a talk at the Westminster Reference Library about searching for Dark Matter and Dark Energy in the universe. Led by Peter Doel of UCL, he explained how the Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument (DESI), a 5000 optical fibre multi-object spectrometer mounted on the Mayall telescope, was built and how it will expand our knowledge of how the universe hangs together. On my way out, I spotted some installations by Lizzie Brewer that caught my eye because they use metal type:

There was also a labyrinth constructed out of metal type that I can’t find an online image of, so I need to go back! I thought it could represent difficulties in navigating language and speech.


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