Week 8: Progress

So to keep people up-to-date … I have gone through many changes with the content and I’ve settled on a multi-narrative of a run I did on Sunday morning with experiments on music beats and intersecting reality coming in. Here’s a Google doc to show where I’ve got to. I understand that in this form that it’s not very easy to ‘get’ but designing will help with this. In plain text form, it’s not clear which voices are which and why.

I must say that I owe a lot of dues to Annie and J who really helped me talk through my writing block in the Peer-to-Peer session on Sunday. I began writing not in this form, but with a pen on paper on the way to the race, a scribble on paper, and then on the run informed this narrative. I’ve been adding to it over the days, and used my running playlist to jog (ha!) my memory of thoughts that I might have forgotten at the time.

I carried on writing on scraps of paper, and as I’ve got bits typed up overwritten these in pure desperation of paper! Stuart’s notes from our Essay tutorial last night are also there, and I’ll type up here to solidify them in my brain.


The format came much quicker, and before the firm narrative. At first glance, it looks like a book.


and when you open it … a series of concertinas. This text is screenprinted in green over the top. I’d like the text to be more distorted and Wim Crouwel, so I’m working on it.


I’d like the text to be more distorted and Wim Crouwel, so I’m working on it.


Hidden behind those is the narrative (you can see the text boxes in red):



I’m now going to start laying out my text using feedback from Stuart and a strict 3pt baseline grid…


Not sure how I feel about the columns being so narrow as that means that the differentiation between left and right align isn’t so apparent. I also need to create more space.

To add interest, I need to design the subtitle that is the first thing you see as you open the booklet. I’ve done this in Illustrator so that I can place it in Indesign whilst slicing it and retaining the ability to edit it.


This will be split across the panels. A bit too bright, but this is just a low-res output.

I’ve also exported the map course to use as a background


Pulling it together… Some of the text is designed and some isn’t. I’ve rearranged it so that the booklet can be folded similarly to a map. This means I can save on print costs by folding it. The size of the piece of paper is 571.5 x 381mm so can be printed on A2 paper.


Made with Padlet

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