Week 1: Outcome

I struggled with the task because I hate defining myself. I can have specific knowledge, but overall I am a generalist and have a wide range of interests and knowledge. Narrowing down has never suited me and I like to have options in my life so I can remain flexible in my life. Maybe that is now doing me a disservice.

I came back to this to craft it again, and to narrow it down. I used the following sentence starts to get my ideas flowing.

  • My practice is about …
  • I am interest in …
  • I do this by …
  • I think about …
  • I question …

I drafted my response on paper and got this mess!

Coming back to the original statement I do like some parts, so I have woven it in.

Human’s instinct for language unites us, with multitudes of tongues crafts that pass from one generation to another. It flows and changes like a river through people, expressing who they are. My practice is about communication through language’s written form, type.

I question how language can be reassembled by the use of new technologies such as Mixed Reality and old craft to reach new audiences and provide insight for overlooked people in society. I present a multi-faceted practice that performs across disciplines to explore the commonalities that drive us forward and thread together a cohesive response.

Through the use of type, I seek to create work in a multitude of formats through the collaboration of visual and written language. I function as both a standalone practice and within your teams to unite your values with your audience’s experience.


2 thoughts on “Week 1: Outcome

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