Filo-Type: Post-it map

I’ve been thinking of a tool for a couple of weeks now that would fit Brief 2: an app where you can take photos of typography you see out and about.

Why did I come up with this tool? My camera roll is constantly full of random photos of typography I have taken as reference or inspiration and they then proliferate all over the cloud in amongst selfies, cute pets etc. I want them somewhere separate, and ideally in a place I can tag them. If I know anything about people who like type, their camera folders are in a similar situation to mine, and this could be a tool where we share typographic inspiration.

So filo’type is born: a file of type, and it sounds like -phile, the Greek suffix to indicate someone who is very passionate about something. Typophile is taken by another typographic endeavour, so I have switched the words around. Filo’type does of course sound like philotype, which is a theoretical way of categorising yourself by philosophical school. It doesn’t seem widespread and in a different discipline, so I feel I can stand by the name.

Here’s my post-note wall of features:

This is the beginning of the process, so it’s a rough start…


2 thoughts on “Filo-Type: Post-it map

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