Week 10: Designer, Author, Maker


  • Research, analyse and comment on the role of designer as author and as maker.
  • Imagine and communicate 10 initial ideas for a series of outputs you could make as an author.


One) Building a typeface for Walthamstow, created by the community in workshops.


Two) Creating books and film props based on the Old Kingdom series by Garth Nix. It would involve writing substantial amounts of content and devising ingenious ways of displaying it


Three) An anthropological look at the village pantomime and community, based on my own childhood


Grandfather, father, brother

Four) Profiling makers of the Robinette and Turner family, the birth of the Al-Turner-tive Prize and the history of Huguenots


Five) Cee Em Wye and Kay – an extension of a project for History and Applications last module. A children’s story about the CMYK printing process and half-tones


Six) Building a typeface based on knitting stitches. Why? Because it came to me in a dream one night


Seven) Mapping my runs of London and significant places to me for different reasons. Done in a Street View setting so you can see significant routes


Eight) Investigating how to make an ideal exhibition for people on the Autistic Spectrum, with an example virtual exhibition to display the findings


Nine) Going back to maps… using contour lines to map out and define what is important to you. There are a few peaks, ie friends, family work. The most important things in those categories go in the highest contour line, and gradually radiate out and merge.


Ten) Hidden in plain si(gh)te. An augmented reality game based on trade craft and ciphers hidden out in the open for people to discover and solve in their local streets.


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