Week 1 Overview

What I did

  • Looked at the history of Doves Press
  • Joe Pochodzaj’s video lecture and ethics of community projects (same link)
  • Thought about workshops and how to include them in my project
  • Presented my project for the first time to the group (below)

What I want to do in the future

  • Contact local groups
  • Research typography projects
  • Organise my thoughts in a post-it wall


My first webinar presentation!

[Slide 1]

You might recognise Stowe Framework from last. It was my authorial artefact and I want to take my plan and bring it to life.

[Slide 2]

It aims to engage the community of Walthamstow, North East London in typeface design by running workshops and publishing a book of the community’s experiences.

I want to honour the past, such as William Morris, and safeguard visual history whilst reflecting the current diverse population.

There are a number of ethical considerations I have started to address, and I have a flatmate who is well-versed in safe-guarding issues whom I will consult.

[Slide 3]

The project will be structured by running workshops to explore how typography is used in the Walthamstow area and how typography can shape how we view our space. 

I will take the outcomes from exercises and design body and display typefaces for use by the community (and for commercial licensing).

[Slide 4]

I will publish a book written by the community, set at a local letterpress studio. It showcases the typefaces and whole project with photographs taken at the workshops (people’s permissions pending). 

[Slide 5]

The publication will be available for sale in local book shops, online, and the income from the book will help fund the project.

[Slide 6]

There will be a website containing resources, details on the project and a tool where people can  see all the glyphs designed.

Alongside the project I will design a framework so that it can be to transferred to other communities.

In the coming weeks I am going to build partnerships will the council and local arts charities to get funding and support as soon as possible.

Overall, I think the presentation went well, despite doing it at the climbing wall! It’s fantastic to be able to build something on top of a previous module. The project will all depend on how well I integrate with the local community and build connections.


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