Week 2: Process and organisation


As Ben Evan James suggested in his lecture, I have downloaded Zotero to keep track of all my resources that I use during this project. I’m also rather old school with my notes: I like writing on paper and will use paper sheets stuck to a board to keep track of my notes before writing them on here. I have three massive wardrobe doors I will use as a post it station like I did last term.

Tutorial with Susanna

I wanted to feel like I was heading in the right direction so I booked onto a tutorial with Susanna. She suggested building a panel of experts around me, probably so that I focus on people with the appropriate skillsets. Among the names were: Kelvin Smith, with worked under Alan Kitching, We Made This (Alasdair Hall), Will Hudson of The Hudson Group and The Other Box. She also recommended getting in touch with the adult voluntary services in Waltham Forest to see if they can help/promote with me,

Outside of typography and design, she suggests that I research projects outside graphic design and ones that are multi-disciplinary for public arenas such as Assemble (architecture).

I also told Susanna that I had looked into getting Fellowship Funding from Waltham Forest Council and that I had booked onto an application help session. She also advised me to formulate a project that I can run if any funding doesn’t come through, which is very wise!

People I contacted

  • Paekakariki Press – a local letterpress studio I am having a session there on the Sunday of Week 3 to practise letter skills. I am hoping to partner with Matt for my project.
  • Artillery Arts – I haven’t heard back from them yet. I don’t want to push but I should chase again.
  • Fellowship Funding –  aims to support artists, organisations and creative freelancers to create locally relevant, ambitious and inclusive arts and culture projects in Waltham Forest.

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