Week 3 overview

A rather more extended “What I Did” and “What to do Next” this week. In my research post I explored a recent project at St James Street.

People I contacted

  • I feel like I got on with Joe Pochodzaj in the first module and his projects align with me, so I’ve sent him an email to ask if we can have a chat about my project. I’ve kept it simple for now so I can build my project without any expectations.
    • OUTCOME: no response
  • Paekakariki Press – Session on Sunday
    • OUTCOME: A great day connecting with Matt and learning to compose by hand. Most interesting was the chat about type and history around the tutoring, and the people dropping in!
    • I’m not sure how to incorporate Paekakariki Press into this given that workshops are expensive, as will be making a new typeface
  • Fellowship Funding – Session on Thursday
  • Communities: ConnectingCommunities@walthamforest.gov.uk
    • ACTION: Contacted on Tuesday 6th October
    • OUTCOME: No response yet
  • Rendezvous Projects
    • ACTION: Contacted on Tuesday 6th October
    • OUTCOME: Meeting arranged for Wednesday 14th October, and some questions answered here.
  • Michael Shann – a poet working within Waltham Forest, and a fellow runner. I’ve contacted him on Twitter to see if he would be interested in getting involved.
    • ACTION: Contacted on Twitter
    • OUTCOME: No response yet
  • Land Art Agency – experienced in running environment and sustainability workshops.
    • ACTION: Contacted on Thursday 8th October
    • OUTCOME: No response yet
  • Fraser Muggeridge of Typography Summer School
    • ACTION: Contacted on Thursday 8th October
    • OUTCOME: No response yet


I got some really great feedback this week, mostly in relation to the scale of the project and funding. It’s great to imagine big, really big, but posting on the Ideas Wall and seeing Susanna’s response was a good wake-up call. I need to stop and take a step back and think what is possible.

How do I see the project in its full form, and what do I need to test to make it work. That test phase will be my project for this MA.

Next steps

  • If I am running this project as a test phase, I need to come up with a plan. What am I testing? I will need to research the local area and typography history.
  • Experiment with type I see in the area

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