Week 3: Funding

I am looking to apply for funding from Waltham Forest Council under their Make It Happen scheme. There’s a lot to think about: what is the schedule of the funding? what if I don’t get it? How will I run it then?

These are the details of the scheme: http://wfculture19.co.uk/fellowshipfunding

Here are the application questions:

Project Title:

Provide a short description of your project:   
Scoring criteria: Your idea (50 Words)

Tell us about your project idea; what do you want to do and why?    
Scoring criteria: Your idea, experience and delivery, outputs (1000 Words)

Identify at least 2 Make it Happen Funding aims that your project meets and tell us how you will achieve them.

Aim 1: How does your project meet this aim?   
(100 words)

Aim 2: How does your project meet this aim?   
(100 words)

Provide a brief summary of your recent, relevant experience. Please also include information about lead artists, or key project partners:   
Scoring criteria: Experience and project delivery (100 words)

Tell us how you plan on delivering the project. Please include details as much detail as possible, including information about venues/ partners/ accessibility/ sustainability:   
Scoring criteria: Experience and project delivery (250 words)

Outline your marketing and press plan for this project:   
Scoring criteria: Marketing and press (350 words)

How will you evaluate the success of this project? Include how will measure success against your project outcomes and how this work will influence your future plans.
Scoring criteria: Evaluation (350 words)

Should I go for it?

Before I got too far, I decided to ask the tutors what they thought, as the schedule of funding would really pressure my delivery for this course. Here is Susanna’s advice:

Week 3 Ideas Wall

I responded that “I hear you and am really taking it on board. I’m going to say in my process that I am aware of the funding and have thought about it. But first, I’m going to stop, reassess and scale it down :D”

It’s great that I’m thinking big and real world … but I can’t be stupid about this. I’m going to scale it down and think about what I’m really doing.


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