Week 4: designing formative assessment

This week I helped Alice Neve to master Indesign as she felt that she needed a few tips and tricks to help her. It was incredibly satisfying to be able to help someone take the next step and ease their burden. Yes, there are tutorials over the internet, but I gave her a quick look over the features that she would be able to use rather than her grabbing various bitsI think she will use this as a springboard to further her skills.

Rethinking for MA Level

I’ve already established that I need to scale down this project, and make it a testing phase for a project that is run as a full-scale project. I made a table that breaks down the elements of the project and how I can achieve them.

What do I want to do?How can I test this?
Photo walks with adultsSmall walks with a few people doing it independently with survey at end
Adults asked to look for typography they likeSmall select group of adults
Target wide demographics to reflect WalthamstowMake sure people are varied, but a smaller number
Adult asked to design glyph for themselvesThis could be possible, but it will have to be independent rather than in a workshop and I would have to get more feedback about what went well and what needs improving
Area Survey photo walksGo around myself to take photos like in GDE720
Photo competitionCould this launch the beginning of the full project and be formed from feedback?
Talks online with local typography experts such as archives, Bracey, Angry DanInterview them myself and publish. Ask them to design type/glyph/describe their favourite piece of type

Change the outcomes

My outcomes will therefore differ and be like so:

  • Map of interesting typography
  • Interviews with people from community about typography and social history
    • Chris Bracey and family
    • Angry Dan
    • Archivist
    • Show Owner – St James Street and other end of High Street
    • Graphic design student
    • Someone not artsy minded at all
  • Ask them to contribute by designing glyphs
  • Cyanotypes of found typography?

Formative Assessment

So, presentation week this week! I feel like I have overall graphic style nailed down, and a lot of the words written out that describe the project. I start from an old document:

… and then develop it. I add in a more structured design.

The time has also developed from my first submission …

… to a timeline taking into account the new process and resources needed.

I found the Ethical Review PDF difficult to handle, with not enough spaces for my answers, so I recreated it in Indesign (and passed a blank around the group. From this …

… to this

… to this:

Rather spiffy, eh?


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