Week 6: What will the outcomes be?

As part of the project, I need to think about how am I going to show my work in my Studio Practice PDF. What is suitable? What is possible in the pandemic? I am sure this will develop over time and change, so I am starting to record it.


I’ve mentioned the Lettering and Lightbox project run by Rendezvous Project several times, and I think this a good place to start. They had several outcomes: an exhibition at the Nunnery Gallery, a booklet containing photos and interviews and a map of typography practices in the area.


I would love to do an exhibtion as a way to shawcase my project so far and to get people interested in contributing to a bigger, funded project. I would host it at The Mills community space or the Vestry House museum, free to visit, and show the images of typography, an interactive map of the area, and quotes from interviews:

We Are Here exhibition at Vestry House Museum

It would serve as a showcase of work I have done and promotion for future projects. It is a very big outcome though, for which I don’t think I can accomplish in the time or my budget.

I could see if I could develop an online gallery in some way.

Print Object

A bit like an artist’s book, this outcome would show a wide range of content, from the photos and interviews to a fold out map.

Graphically, the book could look like mockups I made for the previous module, but developed further, or start from scratch.

Mockups from GDE730

VR experience

Now if I was being incredibly ambitious, i could create a VR experience where people can see information whilst they are walking around Walthamstow, kind of like my Filo’type idea. This is THE DREAM, but I’m not sure it’s attainable right now, because I would have to pay developers. This could definitely something that I could work into a larger project, like the Ex-Warner Project run by Rendezvous:


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