Week 7: Ethics Review

Feedback from Susanna

After seeking further advice from Falmouth and my line manager please see the info below.

* this is particularly for Anna, Alice N and Alice M but could apply to others.

If you are going to be working with community and social groups or those deemed as vulnerable (children, elderly, those with disability or illness)

  • you should have a standard DBS check that you can seek yourselves (or equivalent if in another country)
  • Seek specialist advice from experts/ people who work in these areas but don’t have vulnerabilities themselves such as
    • Local voluntary services
    • Charities
    • Professors/ experts in health/ medicine
    • Social services
    • Local council
  • Consider the use of service design tools to remotely record – a cultural probe – set of questions, mobile devices that people use to record their day for example so you are not first hand collecting with vulnerable groups
  • Adhere to local rules and legislation
  • Create a focus group of experts from relevant areas to maintain regular checks and advice as your project progresses and checks every stage of delivery/ interaction to ensure the correct procedures are followed and documented.

So all of your ethics approval forms are good to go – but you must ensure you follow the above throughout your projects and communicate with Stuart and I regarding development.

Some of your consent forms will need adjusting once you have gained expert advice from the focus group/ experts in your field of investigation, as will some of your methods for gathering your research and user testing your work.

Great – this is really helpful. I need to change my forms slightly and write up my Workshops and send those over to Stuart and Susanna


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