Week 11 Overview

What I did

What I plan to do

  • Draft an advertorial article for Waltham Forest Echo to get people to participate in the project

AcTIvity Feedback

So, after getting some good feedback from my flatmate Cassie, here are the latest sheets:

As you can see, I’ve made it printer friendly (black toner only) and addressed the issue of ethnic background that Susanna brought up. Participants can now write their own ethnic background as they choose.

The activities have examples, clearer instructions and are less wordy:

I managed to get a map in my using the software QGIS that is Illustrator for maps. I downloaded open source data from Ordinance Survey and had a play. Perhaps it would have been neat to show you the process in a video, but the programme took up most of my RAM, and so I avoided all other processes running at the same time. Even so, it crashed several times. So, please trust that I went from zero to semi-hero in a couple of days to get the map in the format I wanted. I want to include other maps in my final hand-in, and this will be a great way to build them.

It’s really important that the people taking part can see how big and wide the E17 postcode is and that they can wander around their homes, it doesn’t have to be on the high street.


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