Visual Experiments: Motifs

Apart from the typefaces, I want to have motifs to use throughout.

letter grid

I used this lettergrid in my previous hand-in and I want to carry on with it. It can be used as a feature or a texture, and shows the full range we can push letters whilst they retain their legibility.


Because of my background in sewing, I’ve always been intrigued by using threads and lines to draw together and divide. By connecting different elements I can spark different associations in people’s minds, and as I plan to have a printed object as part of my hand-in, I can used actual thread for the binding and across pages.

I’d like these to have more of a texture, and I experimented with different implements.

I can use images of the same location from the past and present to show the difference between the typogrphy used. For example, St James Street:

This is what I can do to show images front different eras and how the time has changed.


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