Saw Type Development

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From this image of sawtooth industrial roofs,. Walthamstow has an industrial past, with the London Rubber Company and film studies setting up in the early twentieth century.

The shape of the saw tooth roof intrigued me, and I saw the motif everywhere, from the top of gates and on modern residential buildings.

The sawtooth looks very much like a capital M, so I started building the typeface from this. A few sketches of my first type and how I could keep lines straight rather than use curves:

I built up a few template lines to be able to keep them consistent, with notched edges like to make the shapes more interesting. The typeface is designed as an upper case only typeface.

I really love how the A and V letters in the examples below fit into each other and how letters such as H and T are ligatures:

So I thought that some glyphs can have a slant in different directions that can also be used for an italic version:

I thought about, if I wanted different weights, how to break down the strokes:

After a tutorial, Stuart recommended Emigre magazine for typefaces as a way to play around. As you can see they used pieces of paper to angle lines in the same way I use grey boxes!

I really liked the E’s at the time, and wanted to use that diagonal detail. In the diagram below, I also try to make an O, which I was ultimately unhappy with.

After I’ve sketched out the components, I copy the features to a new board and expanded the experience.

Getting the Glyphs into Glyphs 3 🙂

This will continue to develop! Next post here.


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