Poster development

I’ve been trying to think that if I put posters up around Walthamstow, what would they be?

I’ve been inspired by the Demo Festival that Studio Dumbar hosted in Amsterdam to showcase animation talent during the Covid lockdowns and also the local treasure hunts set up by Angry Dan. You can see the post with inspiration here.

I want to incorporate letters I have designed in the type output and combine them with community input. I’ve decided that this will be in the form of ‘one word’ answers to Walthamstow is … that I have released on social media.

Each letter will be allocated a word, so 11 in all, and designed to make an aesthetically interesting poster that can move in AR. The posters will be posted up in places in Walthamstow with a map so people can go around and capture each one.

After all, I’m not sure that I am going to follow through with this. I like it, but there is much I can do by supporting the current ideas of the project after the lockdowns are lifted. I’ll keep this in my pocket for a future project in the area.

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