Week 22: reassessing aims

Plans for this week

  • This week is the big week for the critical report! I’ve got a lot done so far, and am very happy with the project, but I just have these little parts that I need to do before I set it into Indesign.
  • I’ve asked Anne-Maria Geals to take a look my glyphs that I’ve designed, but scheduled this for after the deadline. She has created some great typefaces and worked with Bruno Maag, so she will be an amazing person to get feedback from. She’s such a lovely person giving up so much time.
  • My partnership with Forest School will hopefully yield some submissions that I can include on my website and analyse for my critical report.

project Aims

I’m taking a look through old blog posts at my previous work on this project and assessing how far I have come. In Week 4, I planned for my formative assessment, the outcome of which is here. More interesting is when I started planning the difference between this MA project as a testing phase and a more detailed Stowe Framework I could do later. The original is here.


I’ve already established that I need to scale down this project, and make it a testing phase for a project that is run as a full-scale project. I made a table that breaks down the elements of the project and how I can achieve them.

What do I want to do?How can I test this?
Photo walks with adultsSmall walks with a few people doing it independently with survey at end
Adults asked to look for typography they likeSmall select group of adults
Target wide demographics to reflect WalthamstowMake sure people are varied, but a smaller number
Adult asked to design glyph for themselvesThis could be possible, but it will have to be independent rather than in a workshop and I would have to get more feedback about what went well and what needs improving
Area Survey photo walksGo around myself to take photos like in GDE720
Photo competitionCould this launch the beginning of the full project and be formed from feedback?
Talks online with local typography experts such as archives, Bracey, Angry DanInterview them myself and publish. Ask them to design type/glyph/describe their favourite piece of type


It is heartening to see that what I achieved has broadly followed my plan: I have designed and published a range of workshops that people can take part in. Some of them are the same, for example the Area Survey walks, and some have been changed, such as glyph designing, as a result of the pandemic. I have jettisoned some ideas, such as the photo competition, for this stage as it felt like the project was becoming too broad.

I would have liked to reach more people with my workshops and am disappointed that I have not got more responses so far. It is hard to distinguish between the shortcomings of the workshops I designed and what is down to the pandemic. I’m going to do a more thorough review later in the project.


It’s hard to put into words what the pandemic has done to everyone, and to see how it has affected my project has been tiring. I am excited about this project just feels like bad timing. It’s not what the people of Walthamstow need right now. I feel constrained by deadlines of the course and would ideally push it back until September to be able to get out into the world and engage with people in libraries and museums that are opening up as of today.

Next week

I will be free to concentrate fully on the outputs, and my plans are to:

  • design more glyphs
  • so that I can experiment with distorting them
  • ensure that the type map is working because I’m not happy with it as is


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