Stowe Framework: Launch

I’ve previously talked about the events I’d run in a launch and how I would set up the exhibition. Here’s a quick recap of the events, and the layout of the exhibition:

Events for the launch have a dedicated booking page

The Launch is intended to be a marketing event so that the project gets as many people involved in the activities as possible. More submissions give me the chance to tinker with activities and methodologies to achieve my aims of investigating what people think of typography in Walthamstow. Everything so far has been an experiment and test, and the launch is the start of announcing the project

As I said in my critical report, I had hoped to receive more submissions in the first testing part so that I could tinker with them further so that at this point I would have the weight of tried and tested methodologies.


To keep people engaged with the project later in the summer, I would like to have another smaller event so that people could see what submissions there are, and to perpetuate submissions. Like the drain covers I was inspired by, I want to have people screen printing glyphs mashed together from the online tool.

Walthamstow Garden Party at the end of August seems like the best opportunity to do this. Hosted in Lloyd’s Park, the Garden Party is a community showcase of art, performance and music and encourages everyone in the area to gather together. This year, it is still pandemic pending, but, let’s plan for optimism.

Walthamstow Garden Party

I can’t get people to print typography on location as it will be too stretched out, and I don’t want to replicate what is already there, I want to shoe what the community have already created using the online tool. Portable Print Studio have a setup that allows them to screen print on location and lets people pull their own prints.

Here, using photos with permission of the Portable Print Studio, I’ve created some mockups for what a screen printing session could look like. The screens are pre-exposed with letters that have been created using the online tool, either as a positive or as a negative. The screens can then be mono-printed with a selection of colours that participants can choose for themselves, either on a tote or a print.

I hope that people will want to get involved in a hands on way and that it will mean people will engage further with the project and screen printing. Its applicable for all ages!


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