Final Project

Week 15 Overview

In the last week’s post I talked about making videos for the activities. So how did it go? Rather disastrously. Over this course, I have got used to hearing myself talk, particularly when doing the Studio & Entrepreneurship module, but video is still profoundly uncomfortable. I tried to do everything to make myself be comfortable: […]


Weeks 14 Overview

Over the past weeks, I have tried to follow the advice given to me in the halfway feedback: to make videos to introduce my activities. This is great feedback, and I appreciate how much the videos presented throughout this course have enabled me to engage with the content and the activities. Some people don’t like […]


Week 13 Overview

And at the end of January, Week 13 begins! I wasn’t idle with the course and used the time to do research and have an experiment. In all: Looking at feedback from before Christmas How can I make the logo better and develop the identity? How can I build a visual language using existing visuals? […]