Week 5: Process

Here we move onto phase 2: Define, Test and Prepare. What do I have to do in this phase?

Formative Phase Outputs

  • Report outline / plan is to be refined, and logistics of running your studio, practice based project must be defined (project management) as two A4 text documents
  • Experimental work and testing for your Studio Practice should be clearly presented and peer reviewed by a relevant external critic of your finding (creative directors, design studios, writers, journalists from within or beyond the subject), as befits the needs of the area of your proposal.
  • Create a two minute case study presentation to be delivered in a webinar format to a creative team / panel, in order to gather feedback from academics and industry professionals. You will also be expected to peer review each other’s presentations via live note-taking. Your case study presentation should include a quote from your chosen external peer review critic / industry specialist.
  • In addition to the case study presentation you need to provide an A4 written draft literature review that has academic integrity, a bibliography, a clear structure and role of appropriate histories and theories that contextualise and support your idea.
  • Or if you are writing a business orientated essay / report, make sure you integrate relevant market intel and data to support the positioning and viability of your project.
  • All outputs to be clearly documented on your blogs, with evidence of active engagement with the Ideas Wall.

These past couple of weeks feel very excuse-heavy, and I haven’t been concentrating much on the course. This is mostly due to stress and anxiety due to Covid-19 announcements and being unsure how life is going to change under them. In Week 6, I have a week off in Walthamstow that I will be using to focus on Stowe Framework and build towards the assessments above.


My Own Words

Yet, dare we be at ease? We are part of a world whose unity has been almost completely shattered. No one can feel free from danger and destruction until the many torn threads of civilization are bound together again. We cannot feel safer until every nation, regardless of weapons or power, will meet together in good faith, the people worthy of mutual association.” 

Ruth Bader-Ginsburg, MY OWN WORDS2016

Art is not technique, as everyone knows, and an artist can create with anything that comes to hand.
Munari, Design As Art. London: Penguin, 1971.